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About Adesk
Adesk is an advanced management accounting service designed specifically for entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium-sized businesses. The service provides full control over the company's cash flows, emphasizing the importance of a deep understanding of finances for sustainable growth and effective resource management. Our approach helps clients not just keep track of their finances, but also make informed decisions to increase profits and regularly receive dividends.

Client's Challenges

1. Limited engagement channels: The company was dependent on paid advertising, SEO and referral programs, which limited the speed and volume of new customer acquisition.

2. Need to test new channels: Adesk was looking for ways to attract customers through previously unused channels to increase the reach of potential audiences.

3. Testing a new service: The company wanted to gauge market demand for a new service - paid customization of its service - which required direct feedback from potential customers.

4. Lack of experience in B2B sales: Despite having a quality product, Adesk was having difficulty effectively communicating and closing deals in the B2B segment. This was due to a lack of experience in direct sales of this nature and the need to develop specialized skills and approaches to meet the unique requirements and expectations of business customers.
At Adesk, we adopted a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly integrates the rigour of financial analytics with innovative outreach methods to address our client's unique challenges. Recognizing the importance of blending analytical precision with creative marketing solutions, we devised a multifaceted approach:

  1. Segmented Industry Focus: Understanding the diverse needs of different sectors, Adesk meticulously selected target industries with a proven track record of benefitting from our financial analytics services. This included digital and marketing agencies, SEO firms, and construction companies, among others, where our service had previously demonstrated substantial value. By analyzing over 3,000 potential clients, we identified those who would most benefit from our offerings, optimizing our outreach strategy.

  2. Cold Email Campaigns: Leveraging our deep understanding of the financial sector's unique dynamics, we crafted personalized cold email campaigns. These campaigns were tailored to resonate with decision-makers across our targeted industries, emphasizing how Adesk's financial analytic tools could solve their specific financial management challenges.

  3. Strategic Outreach to B2B Sales: Recognizing our initial lack of experience in direct B2B sales within these sectors, we embarked on a journey of rapid learning and adaptation. We developed a nuanced understanding of B2B sales dynamics, enabling us to refine our sales messaging, approach, and tactics. This targeted outreach was instrumental in effectively communicating the value of Adesk to a B2B audience, translating complex financial analytics concepts into compelling value propositions.

  4. Testing and Refining: Throughout the outreach campaign, we continuously tested and refined our strategies based on real-time feedback and analytics. This agile approach allowed us to identify the most responsive sectors and personas, fine-tuning our messaging for maximum impact. By embracing a culture of experimentation and data-driven decision-making, Adesk was able to significantly improve our outreach efficacy, leading to a substantial increase in qualified leads and customer engagements.

By integrating the art of persuasive communication with the science of detailed analytics, Adesk successfully navigated the challenges of expanding our client base and establishing a strong presence in new markets. Our solution not only addressed the immediate need for diversified lead generation but also laid the groundwork for sustained growth and market leadership in the financial analytics sector.

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