Financial Sector Engagement in the UAE: High-Value Meetings Through Strategic LinkedIn Outreach
About Alplanir
Alplanir, a cutting-edge software company, specializes in providing comprehensive planning and forecasting solutions designed to streamline complex business processes. With a focus on innovation, Alplanir offers tools that empower businesses to achieve greater financial clarity, operational efficiency, and strategic growth.

Their solutions cater to a broad range of industries, including fintech, banking, FMCG, retail, and e-commerce, helping companies navigate the challenges of modern financial management.

Client's Challenges

  1. Untapped Market Potential in the UAE: Alplanir sought to expand its footprint in the UAE, a region rich with opportunities yet unexplored by the company, particularly within its target financial sectors.
  2. Lack of Established Contacts and Case Studies: The absence of a solid network of contacts and relevant case studies in the UAE market made it difficult to gauge market receptivity and validate business hypotheses.
  3. Inexperience with LinkedIn for International Sales: Despite LinkedIn's potential as a powerful platform for B2B engagements, Alplanir had not previously utilized it for outreach in foreign markets, nor had it employed an outreach approach to engage potential clients.
To overcome these challenges and capitalize on the UAE's market potential, Alplanir developed and executed a multifaceted LinkedIn strategy over a three-month period aimed at rapid market penetration and hypothesis validation.

  1. Detailed Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Development: Alplanir crafted a comprehensive ICP focusing on financial directors within its target industries. This profile guided the customization of messaging and targeting strategies to ensure relevance and engagement.

  2. Tailored Messaging and A/B Testing: Chains of personalized messages were prepared for each industry segment, incorporating A/B testing to refine and optimize the communication based on response rates and feedback. This approach allowed for iterative improvements and greater personalization.

  3. Multichannel Engagement Strategy: To maximize reach and impact, Alplanir implemented a multichannel strategy. If a potential client did not accept a LinkedIn invitation within a predetermined period, an email was sent. Conversely, if there was no response to the LinkedIn message within a week, a follow-up was dispatched to the corporate email. This ensured multiple touchpoints and increased the chances of engagement

  • 1300+

  • 39%

    Accept rate
  • 5%

    Positive responce rate
  • 99%

    Deliverability rate
  • 50%

    Open rate
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