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Turning Leads into Lights: How Skyrocketed Engagement with a 3x Deal Closure Rate
About DroneShow Software
Drone Show Software, stands at the forefront of innovation in the entertainment and light show industry as the world's first company to offer specialized software for managing drone shows. This cutting-edge solution enables entrepreneurs and entertainment agencies to create mesmerizing, high-tech drone light shows, offering a unique opportunity to tap into the lucrative market of entertainment technology.

With its proprietary software, Drone Show Software caters to a wide range of clients, from startups looking to enter the business of drone shows to established entertainment and event agencies in the United States seeking to enhance their offerings with unparalleled aerial displays. The company's mission is to revolutionize the way entertainment is delivered, making drone light shows accessible, manageable, and profitable for businesses across the globe.

By combining technical expertise with a deep understanding of the entertainment industry's needs, Drone Show Software provides a comprehensive platform that simplifies the complexity of drone show production. Their software enables precise control, choreography, and execution of drone flights, transforming the night sky into a canvas for spectacular aerial artistry.

Client's Challenges

Drone Show Software, despite being a pioneer in offering drone show software solutions for the entertainment and light show industry, faced several significant obstacles:

  1. High Lead Acquisition Cost: Months of attempts to generate leads through Google, Facebook, and Bing advertising resulted in high costs without satisfactory conversion. Many prospects lost interest upon learning about the pricing, leading to a stalemate in communication.

  2. Underutilized Lead Database: The company accumulated a database of leads through its advertising efforts but struggled to effectively engage and convert these prospects into customers.

  3. Need for a Predictable Sales Channel: The absence of a reliable and predictable source of leads and sales posed a significant challenge to scaling operations and achieving growth targets.

  4. Developing an Ideal Customer Profile: Identifying and understanding the ideal customer profile (ICP) was crucial for tailoring the sales strategy and messaging but remained an undefined aspect of their marketing strategy.

  5. Segmentation Strategy: The challenge included identifying and testing the most promising segments of potential clients, such as event agencies and entrepreneurs interested in the entertainment industry, to optimize marketing efforts and resource allocation.

To address these challenges, Drone Show Software implemented a comprehensive strategy focused on optimizing lead generation and sales processes:

  1. Ideal Customer Profile Development: Through analyzing social media profiles and interactions, particularly on Twitter and Quora, the team was able to develop a detailed portrait of their ideal customer. This included demographics, interests, and behaviors, enabling targeted marketing and sales efforts.

  2. Audience Building on Social Platforms: Utilizing tools like Phantombuster, the team targeted potential clients on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram (excluding Facebook due to its personal nature in the US context). This approach facilitated direct engagement with the target audience, offering insights into the software's capabilities and inviting feedback and discussions.

  3. Trigger-Based Email Campaigns: By leveraging Snov.io, Drone Show Software initiated trigger-based email sequences that directly landed in prospects' inboxes, avoiding spam filters. This was achieved by warming up a separate domain with Mailwarm to improve the email sender's reputation, ensuring higher open and engagement rates.

  4. Tailored Messaging and Timing: The email campaigns were carefully crafted, consisting of seven messages sent at strategic times to maximize engagement. Timing was based on the target audience's location, focusing on the Eastern and Pacific Time Zones during optimal afternoon hours to catch prospects at the most receptive times.

  5. Lead Generation and Sales Process Optimization: This strategy enabled the transformation of the sales process, reducing lead costs and significantly decreasing the cost per deal. By establishing a detailed ideal customer profile and activating an outbound lead generation channel, Drone Show Software not only optimized its marketing efforts but also laid the groundwork for scalable sales operations.

Through these strategic initiatives, Drone Show Software effectively overcame its challenges, paving the way for predictable lead generation, improved sales outcomes, and more efficient market penetration.

  • 10000+

  • 45%

    Open rate
  • 20%

    Positive responce rate
  • 24

    New demo booked
  • x3

    Lead cost decreased
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